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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: It is ABS plastic or fiberglass?

A: Made out of ABS plastic, same plactic used to manufacture your bike.

Q: Are they easy to install?

A: Please check the install for your specific model before buying.

Q: Will I loose my trunk space on the GSXR 00-03?

A: No, you won't loose any trunk space

Q: Will I need to cut anything on my bike in order to install any of these undertails?

A: Please refer to the installation instructions before buying.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts (tail lights, led bulbs, blinkers)?

A: Yes, you can get a complete tail light assembly, led bulbs, led blinkers etc available 24/7 in our website. Please check our HOME PAGE under REPLACEMENT PARTS.

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes, we do via USPS. Please email us first providing your city & country for shipping charges.

Sorry,free shipping only available within US.

Q: Where can i get sockets for my undertail?

A: You can get them at any Auto Parts Store. We recommend model 85802 which is really inexpensive (around $3.00 each). Of course, any other model (for 1157 bulbs-dual contact) will work too.

Q: Can i place my order over the phone?

A: Yes you can, just place your order and then call us at 904 414 0213

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